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Municipal Broadband Education Resources

January 2020 Open House Event Presentation Slides - Mountain Home Fiber Project
City Open House Event - City Hall - January 9, 2020  >>>  Click Here
Article: "The city with the best fiber-optic network in American might surprise you"
Fast Company - October 2019
Community broadband creates competition and better service and choice—along with giving local residents ownership..  >>>  Click Here
Idaho Internet Speed?  Nearly Worst in U.S.  Here's How we Improve...
Idaho Statesman Article by Michael Deeds - Feb 28, 2019  >>>  Click Here
The Internet Disruption Every City Needs - Jeff Christensen, EntryPoint - TEDx Talk
The traditional broadband model is broken because consumers are powerless.  This needs to change...
The Internet Disruption Every City Needs | Jeff Christensen | TEDxSaltLakeCity
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Modern Networks, Innovation and Cities - Jeff Christensen, EntryPoint - TEDx Talk
We can't separate the story of infrastructure to the story of economic development.  Communications is the economy...
Modern Networks, Innovation, and Cities | Jeff Christensen | TEDxRiverton
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ISE TechForum Article - Every City Needs a Broadband Strategy | Feb 15, 2019
5 Key Strategic Recommendations for Municipal Broadband Planning.  >>>  Click Here
10 Reasons Why Broadband Should be a Municipal Utility
A White Paper outlining why municipalities should play a central role in deployment of the next generation broadband networks.  >>>  View Paper
Taking Control Through Software Defined Networks - Podcast Episode
Community Broadband Bits Podcast | Jan 8, 2019.  >>>  Listen Here
More information can be found on the EntryPoint Networks website >>> Click Here
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