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Structure & Cost

How is the City Fiber Organized?


Mountain Home considers the deployment of fiber throughout the city to be critical infrastructure, just like our city roads.  The city's fiber infrastructure will be implemented as a public works project, organized and managed as a public utility.

Cost Breakdown
The cost of fiber installation to your home is broken down in three parts: installation fee, utility fee and the internet service fee. 

Installation Fee

Covers the cost of the infrastructure connecting to your home. Price will depend on how many homes connect- the more homes, the lower the price. It is estimated that this cost will be $3,500. You have the option to pay this up front or monthly. If you pay this fee monthly, the estimated monthly fee is $23.50

Utility Fee

Operation and maintenance fee that will be paid to the City of Mountain Home for maintaining the infrastructure. This fee is currently scheduled to be $17.50

Internet Service Fee

Paid directly to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and depends on their rates. Currently, there are two ISPs on the platform and their rates (for 1 GBPS) are $7.99 - $24.99.

What Will City Fiber Cost Monthly? 

Below is a breakdown of anticipated costs related to the Mountain Home Fiber Network, if the homeowner chooses to pay the installation fee monthly:

Monthly Installation Fee                          

Monthly Utility Fee                                     

Monthly Access to ISP Services                


Total Monthly                                           $48.99

For less than $50 per month residents will get a 1000 x 1000 Mbps symmetrical, non-shared connection to the network.




Do I Have to Take Fiber?

No, residents and businesses are not forced to participate. Mountain Home is utilizing an optitional L. That means participants will be given the option to voluntarily choose to participate. Residents and businesses who choose not to participate will not be taxed or charged anything.

More Details About the Program
  • The Fiber Network is sustainable because monthly fiber utility expenses are covered by subscribers

  • Services can be suspended by subscribers

  • Infrastructure expenses cannot be suspended until the property owner LID debt is retired

  • Municipality supports and maintains infrastructure

  • Municipality supports cloud environment for services

  • Equipment replacement is built into maintenance & operations M&O expense

  • Late-comers pay full amount up front

  • Actual assessment amount depends on take-rate


If your home is in the local improvement district (LID) or built after the year 2022, you are eligible to sign up for fiber. New home builds already have the infrastructure in place, and we can hook you up quickly. The City of Mountain Home is currently hooking homes that are in the LID and will be able to receive fiber services by Fall of 2024. To see if your home is in the LID please visit:  

To sign up for services, you must also either own the home or have a signed affidavit from the homeowner allowing you to sign up. You can find that affidavit here: 

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